How To Hire FullStack Developer in 2023:  Sourcing To Salary Negotiation



Table Of Content

  • Sourcing for developers

  • Who are fullstack developers, their job description templates

  • Interviewing a fullstack developer: Questions you should ask

  • How do i get a good fullstack developer

  • How we help companies get full stack developers onboard

Sourcing for developers


Recruiters use platform like github, linkedIn & Stackoverflow to source for developer

GitHub is the world’s largest social coding site, with close to 31 million developers. Simply put, it is a cloud-based platform for open source (OS) developers who use it to host and share code based on frameworks such as Ruby on Rails.


You can follow these steps to find the best developer talent through GitHub:


First, you must create a profile on GitHub. Set up your account with your company and personal information. After your profile is created, you can use the search bar for finding developers using 3 parameters, viz., language, location, and followers.

For example, if you wish to find someone who’s skilled in JavaScript, based in London, and with a follower count of greater than 20 people, your search will look like this:


github search


A follower count of 2-10 is considered good and anything between 26-75 is exceptional. Any developer with 75+ followers is considered super amazing. GitHub will come up with a list of repositories of developers that you can reach out to.

However, you must filter your search accordingly. After you run your search, GitHub will show you the results for repositories by default instead of users first. You need to amend that view by selecting users’ from the left hand side menu.




StackOverflow  is a Q&A site for enthusiast programmers and professionals and is a great platform to hire amazing developers.


stack overflow


The process of shortlisting profiles of developers is similar to GitHub. However, before connecting with developers via StackOverflow, here are a few things to remember:

StackOverflow is a Q&A site where developers post and answer technical questions. You must look out for candidates addressing specific questions to see if they fit your requirements.

Developers are segregated based on their user badges and reputation scores. An ideal candidate ranks high for both. Every question that is posted on StackOverflow has tags associated with it. You can use these tags to find developers who fit the bill.


Who are fullstack developers, their job description template

Full stack developers are developers with a wide knowledge of writing frontend code and backend codes.They know languages like php, node js, html, laravel , css, React. They can write Api as well call/consume them at the frontend, can implement designs of a UI & UX designer etc.


Below is a job description template from LinkedIn;




What are the benefits of hiring a fullstack developer

  1. Cost Effectiveness and Management

  2. A Multi-faceted full stack developer has various skills in both the frontend and backend of an application. From writing code in Node,Go, Php to Javascript, React, Jquery etc

  3. Generalist - If you are a startup, hiring a full stack developer would help a lot when it comes to content switching and flexibility.

You might hire a full stack engineer to: 

  • Work with agile development methodologies, adhering to best practices and pursuing continued learning opportunities 

  • Develop new features and infrastructure development in support of rapidly emerging business and project requirements 

  • Assume leadership of new projects from conceptualization to deployment 

  • Ensure application performance, uptime, and scale, maintaining high standards of code quality and thoughtful application design 

  • Work across the full stack, building highly scalable distributed solutions that enable positive user experiences and measurable business growth


Interviewing a fullstack developer: Questions you should ask

Interview normally goes with either assessing the candidates hard or soft skill.

Hard Skill Questions

  • Describe an application you built and which technologies you used to build it.

  • How would you store a user's password on an online portal—and why?

  • If you had a month to develop a project from scratch, which frameworks, technologies, and programming languages would you use?


Soft Skill Questions

  • Tell me about a typical day in a previous role as a full stack engineer.

  • How do you keep up with the latest coding developments and programs?

  • Discuss a time you struggled with debugging or another implementation issue.


How do i get a good fullstack developer

  1. Freelance platform - Fiverr  Toptal , Freelancer, Upwork  These sites are similar. They make sure talents on their platform are professionals, especially toptal.

  2. Recruiting Agencies - They are firms that source for candidates on behalf of a company. They get paid on every successful hire.

  3. IT Project expansion companies.

  4. Vetting Companies - Droomwork   ,Turing , Flexiple. These companies sometimes serve as third party platforms in providing quality developers to companies and startups. They take responsibility for sourcing developers and vetting/ screening them by letting developers go through all their vetting process. From technical interview to behavioral & communication skills.


How we help companies get fullstack developers onboard

Here in Droomwork, we help companies hire quality developers faster. We take care of the sourcing, interview etc. Our developers are prevetted and ready for work. All you have to do is,

  1. Tell us your requirements.

  2. Review available developers’ profiles.

  3. We send interview invitations to speak to them to confirm if they align to your company’s culture.

  4. Pay when you make a hire.




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